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Best Benefits for Disease Management Centers

November 18, 2019 | Tanya Gappy, Vice President of Employer Solutions (West)

Disease management centers exist at the intersection of hospitalization and clinical care. They serve a vital function in health care by assisting the patients who need it most.

At Winston we understand the needs and challenges that accompany a career in disease management, and we’re here to help. Employees at your disease management organization deserve the best you can offer them. Here’s everything you need to know to support the employees at your disease management center.

Overcoming Barriers to Traditional Health Plans

Disease management centers face unique employee challenges. Staffing, hours and employee location requirements make it difficult to offer traditional benefits packages. For example, the industry sees a high amount of turnover, and work often is divided into hourly shifts.

Most employees don’t work traditional desk jobs. They might spend a lot of time in a lab or clinical setting. The locations where employees work can be inconsistent too, with many operating across multiple locations.

While these industry challenges can seem difficult to defeat, we’re here to tell you that these barriers to benefits can be overcome with careful benefit planning and support.

Curating Functional Plans for Your Employees

Because of the staffing challenges associated with disease management centers, it’s critical to offer plans that are functional for both waged and salaried employees. All employees, even if they’re part-time, deserve benefits. For part-time employees, you can offer a minimum essential coverage plan with options for voluntary benefits. Electable options could include coverage for accidents, critical illness and hospital indemnity. Because of the nature of their work, all disease management employees should be given the option for these voluntary benefits.

Voluntary plans should also portable. Since turnover in the disease management industry can be high, employees appreciate this guarantee for their benefits. And because employees at disease management centers see the consequences of ill health, many are motivated to maintain their own health and wellness. Wellness benefits such as gym memberships or free healthy snacks can go a long way toward employee satisfaction.

Assisting Your Organization in Open Enrollment

Many of the staffing challenges faced by disease management centers also pose a problem when it comes to open enrollment. Luckily we have options to make enrollment a breeze for both you and your employees. For example, we provide assistance both onsite and through call centers throughout the open enrollment period. This allows us to address the questions and concerns of all your staff, no matter what hours they work.

Additionally, we cover our bases by leveraging other points of communication. Emails and text messages (when authorized) help us to keep your employees informed and insured. No matter what questions your employees have — or how late they reach out — Winston is here to help.


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