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Celebrating One Year at Winston & Marketing Trends With Marketing Coordinator, Kelly DuBois

January 26, 2023 | Winston


Katie: Kelly, you are coming up on your one-year anniversary at Winston. What has been your favorite part about working here?

Kelly: My marketing/sales support team! I am fortunate enough to work with some really great people who made this past year so easy and fun! It is nice to have co-workers who feel like family and not only care about how you are doing but want you to grow and succeed in your role as well.

Katie: What do you enjoy most about working in marketing?

Kelly: I love that marketing is always changing. It keeps you on your toes and challenges you to get creative and try new things because how we consume information is always evolving. It is exciting to constantly be pushed out of your comfort zone and also rewarding to see something you created be successful.

Katie: What marketing trends have you observed in 2022 and what do you think we will see in 2023?

Kelly: Digital content, and more specifically, short-form videos, have grown significantly over the years and are here to stay. A majority of people get their information from social media, where short, attention-grabbing videos are the most viewed forms of media. As marketers, we must get creative and plan our video content to encompass everything we want the consumer to know in less than 45 seconds. In addition, podcasts have become very popular. Many businesses have been starting their own as another way to connect with customers. However, it is important to recognize who your audience is and know what will resonate with them and what will not. Just because another business is doing something does not mean you should waste time and money on something your consumers are not interested in. Understanding your market is important, and tailoring your campaigns to them is when you will see the most success.

Katie: What are you looking forward to this upcoming year at Winston?

Kelly: I am always looking to learn new things and expand upon my skillsets. I hope to grow even more in this position and take on more responsibility in the next year.


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