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Employee Spotlight – 7 Years with Winston and Celebrating Pride

June 23, 2021 | Winston


Katie: In today’s workforce, it’s rare that someone stays at a company for more than a few years, so congrats on 7 years here. I’ve been here for your last few promotions, and it’s been awesome to watch. What’s kept you at Winston this long?

Justin: I love the family culture we have here at Winston. From my initial interview 7 years ago, through my promotions, I have always felt like I’m part of a Winston family. Winston does a great job of making you feel successful, part of a team, and giving you opportunities for new roles.

Katie: As a Senior Account Manager now, can you tell me a bit about how your unique account management style has helped you climb the ranks in your department?

Justin: I have always loved learning new skills within the industry. With Winston, in each of my positions, I dive into researching as much as I could to make sure I apply it to our business. As an Account Manager, I have used that knowledge to assist my team in their roles, so we are all benefiting together. My team knows I am an open door and can comfortably come to me with any questions. If I do not have an answer for them immediately, they know, I’ll research it thoroughly to find one.

Katie: Are there any times where you’ve faced adversity at work or in our industry?

Justin: I consider myself extremely lucky in this case. Winston has a great family culture, and I’ve always felt at home with our company. Many of the co-workers that I’ve met over the years even attended my wedding in 2018. Industry-wise, I have found clients and business partners to be very supportive and professional.

Katie: What do you think employers can do better when it comes to Pride year-round and being better allies to the LGBTQ community?

Justin: I think it’s important for companies to always foster an environment that an LGBTQ employee feels a part of. Everyone experiences coming out differently; no two people have the same story. It can be nerve-racking opening up part of your private life to co-workers, but it is so much easier when you know your company supports who you are.

Katie: What do you want others in our industry to know about Pride and what it means to you?

Justin: To me, Pride is a time to celebrate the many advances the LGBTQ community has made over the last few decades and to honor the activists who worked so hard to bring equality. It is also a reminder of how far the community still must go to ensure those freedoms. I have always been proud of myself and my life, but for many, Pride represents a time they can speak their truth to others. And that is a beautiful feeling to have.


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