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Employee Spotlight – Understanding Data Reporting With Senior Financial Analyst, David Wu

October 22, 2021 | Winston


Katie: David, I’ve reaped the benefits of many of the reports and dashboards you’ve created for my case studies and marketing. What do you think is the most important change you’ve made to the finance and reporting department?

David: The important change that I made to the finance and reporting department is automation and weeding out any inconsistencies. Automating our reports will allow them to be updated on a daily basis. And removing inconsistencies will allow for better data accuracy, no one wants bad data.

Katie: How do you think our clients and partners could best use the open enrollment reporting we provide?

David: I think our clients and partners can use the open enrollment data that we provide and create a plan to target potential participants. Some of our account executives actually work with our clients and provide reports throughout the open enrollment process on who and how many have started the process and did not complete it.

Katie: How have you seen our team using your reporting to improve other areas of our business?

David: I would hope my work consistently improves other areas of our business, otherwise I am not doing a good job haha! I have seen my reports being used by our executive team and then dialogue based on the results from the report. A great example was when I was updating [a client] open enrollment dashboard that showed the improvement in enrollment based on the deployment of new Voluntary Benefit  Recommendation Tools.

Katie: Do you see any new BI or reporting trends and tools that you think could be useful in our industry?

David: There are many reporting trends and tools that could be useful in our industry. But what I see making the biggest impact is the AI tools, in particular, Microsoft is developing their AI to recommend reports, visualizations, and guide you through data analytics.


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