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Ensuring Financial Health with Disability Insurance

May 14, 2020 | Winston

Financial health plays a critical role in giving employees peace of mind and contributing to their overall well-being. Believe it or not, benefits coverage, both traditional and nontraditional, can inspire your employees to heighten their pursuit of financial healthiness.

Seventy-one percent of employees say that because of the benefits they receive at the workplace, they worry less about unexpected health and financial issues.1 And those who needed to take health-related leave, and were covered through their employer, state they are more financially and holistically well than their counterparts who are not offered these same benefits.2 Therefore, it is helpful to have the right balance of plan coverage, inclusive of disability insurance, to protect income and support the financial health of your employees.

As leaders in the industry, Winston has been partnering with companies for over 30 years to implement voluntary benefits programs that help cover insurance gaps for your employees in the case of unforeseen short- or long-term disability. Our strategies focus on long-term success by offering a variety of benefit options that are customized to meet your company’s needs and, as a result, save employees money. Sixty-five percent of employees say that non-medical benefits, like critical illness and accident coverage, help them to limit out-of-pocket medical expenses.1 And with income protection, employees are sixty percent more likely to feel financially healthy and confident in their finances today.2

In this new climate and during Disability Insurance Awareness Month, it is a good reminder to review your voluntary benefit offerings and communication campaigns. At Winston, we can collaborate with your HR team to analyze your current plans and ensure you have an engagement strategy to educate your employees on their disability coverage. Let us help deliver results, improve employee satisfaction, and ensure the well-being of individuals as a whole – TOGETHER.

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