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How Data Visualization Can Help Benefits Administration

December 11, 2019 | Curry Bradley, Chief Marketing Officer, Principal

We know that numbers can be daunting. Sure, some people can perform complicated calculations without breaking out even the pen and paper, much less a calculator or spreadsheet. But for most of us that just isn’t the case.

And that’s OK.

Finding relationships between numbers and figures can be a very abstract task. That’s why we help make it easy by setting those parameters for you with our intuitive dashboard. Laying out your organization’s benefits data in an easy-to-read visual format allows you to make quicker, more effective interpretations. Getting the full picture of your employees’ benefits data puts you in a great position to make the right decisions regarding benefits and health care at your organization.

Your employees are counting on you, and we want to give you the tools to make empowered decisions. Here’s how.

Quick-View Feature Eases Open Enrollment

We know how hectic open enrollment can be. Luckily our quick-view feature and other administration tools on Winston’s dashboard can help minimize the chaos. For example, the quick-view feature lets you see all of your employee benefits data at the touch of a button. We handle the calculations and algorithms so you just have to read the story your employee data has to tell.

Other dashboard tools also help to streamline the process and take some of the pressure off your shoulders. For example, communication during open enrollment would be much easier if you could reach everyone’s inbox in one email, right? Well, now you can. Seeing the data allows you to anticipate problems during open enrollment, and email notifications help you to communicate any concerns or changes to your employees at the touch of a button.

Real-Time Dashboard Updates Keep You Informed

With any digital dashboard or platform, data integration is key. This keeps the data in your benefits administration and enrollment platforms flowing smoothly and efficiently from our end to your user dashboard. This gives you the ability to see employee data changing in real time, putting an exact snapshot of your employees’ enrollment on your radar.

Real-time data is especially helpful during open enrollment. If you see enrollment numbers lagging or taking an unexpected turn, you can make inferences to determine the problem. And once you know where the problem started, you can address it through education or email updates to your employee base.

Data Collection Helps You Make Long-Term Predictions

The transparent look at employee data is helpful throughout the year too. Your dashboard allows you to take a comprehensive look at the employee data you’ve collected, so you can see long-term concerns or changes. This can be especially helpful in making changes to future open enrollments.

For example, you may see changes occurring in January, as employees receive their first paychecks reflecting their new benefits plans. This gives you additional information to bring into your postmortem meeting with your benefits providers. Observing changes in the data at strategic points throughout the year and over the course of time allows you to make informed, future-facing decisions regarding employee communication, benefits spending and other key issues that affect employee benefits administration.


Disclaimer:  This content is strictly informational and should not be used as specific advice on insurance products, legal, accounting, and/or tax related matters. Insureds should always contact the appropriate licensed professional for their insurance, legal, accounting, or tax needs.

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