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How HR Software Can Transform Benefits

April 21, 2020 | Winston

Now more than ever, technology is being relied on to be in the know, to “see” family and co-workers, to keep business moving forward, and the list goes on. Having the right HR software to lean on will help you continue to be an advocate for your employee’s well-being, provide them with timely information, and be a strategic partner in your business, even without face-to-face interactions. 

At Winston, we make this possible through our proprietary SaaS-based technology, HRally™, one modern platform consolidated for all employees, plans, and vendors. Your company’s data is customized, centralized, and easily accessible, reporting is instant, and analyses of information allows you to have a pulse on your business and forecast trends. HRally™ has tools for administrators and employees and can help you effectively lead the way in making better strategic decisions to improve outcomes and deliver value for your business.

With benefits playing a significant role in employees’ lives, we want to make sure you are tapping into the power of HR software to optimize your companies’ benefits offerings in ways that retain and attract talent. By 2042, it is predicted that the U.S. will be a majority-minority country, meaning ethnic minorities will account for most of the population.1 Therefore you must ensure your benefits strategy, starting with technology, addresses the needs of all employees and can support their native language. Studies show that companies that use benefits technology are more likely than companies that do not, to say employees are satisfied with their benefits (82 percent vs. 69 percent) and understand their benefits communication (88 percent vs. 76 percent).2 

How Can HRally™ Transform Benefits for your Company?

Increase Employee Engagement

Cloud-based HR software takes advantage of big data and mobile technology to engage employees. Our web-based tools offer a unique digital experience for your company’s needs, fully branded, scalable, easily accessible, and ready for you to communicate with and educate employees in minutes. The platform also natively toggles between English, Spanish, and French, so all content (except text embedded in images or video) will translate for employees, enabling them to read about their benefits and complete their enrollment in their native language. Giving employees a secure channel to engage with you, not just now when you can’t be there in person, but always.

24/7, 365 Access to Benefits Information

It is key for your employees to have the ability to access critical information about their benefits as well as enroll when and where it is most convenient for them, and technology allows for this. Our intuitive user experience provides a one-stop destination with tools at their fingertips year-round to help give them peace of mind and make better-informed benefits decisions.

Streamline Administrative Demands

One of the biggest impacts of cloud-based HR software is the ability to close the gap between your team and the rest of the company. Our digital solutions for administration, billing, compliance, and reporting will allow you to focus on the critical strategic tasks of today’s HR role and reduce time spent on benefits. Putting a greater focus on how to attract new talent, retain highly skilled employees, and be prepared for the workforce of tomorrow.

In 2020, finding the right benefits technology solutions should remain a top priority for companies of all sizes to improve employee engagement and develop winning workplace cultures where your HR department is leading the way.

Let us work with your company to customize our HRally™ platform and manage your benefits so that you can manage your business. Schedule a demo today.

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2Aflac Workforces Report, 2017.


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