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Named Shortlister Top Vendor Benefits Administration for Q4 2020

October 13, 2020 | Winston

WALL, New Jersey, (October 2020) – Winston, a leader in providing customized digital benefits administration and enrollment solutions for human resource professionals and brokers, was recognized by Shortlister, formerly known as The Wellness Research Institute, as Benefits Administration Solutions Companies Top Vendor Q4 2020.

“We’re proud to receive this recognition,” stated Curry Bradley, Winston’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Our proprietary SaaS-based technology, HRally™, has capabilities, content, and features designed to help within each area of benefits administration guided by our team of experts. At Winston, we perpetually modernize our platform to deliver valuable services to our brokers, consultants, and clients to foster better workplaces.”

With HRally™, a company’s data is customized, centralized, and easily accessible, reporting is instant, and analyses of information allows HR to have a pulse on the business and forecast trends. With tools for administrators and employees, it can help effectively lead the way in making better strategic decisions to improve outcomes and deliver value for each business Winston serves. HRally™ can transform benefits for a company offering:

  • Web-based tools with a unique digital experience. Fully branded, scalable, easily accessible, and ready to communicate with and educate employees in minutes.
  • Intuitive user experiences for a one-stop benefits destination. With tools at each employees’ fingertips, it gives them peace of mind to make better-informed benefits decisions.
  • Digital solutions for administration, billing, compliance, and reporting. Allowing HR to focus on the critical strategic tasks and reduce time spent on benefits.

About Winston

HR simplified. Benefits delivered. Founded in 1987, Winston delivers customized, digital benefits solutions that streamline the administrative demands of an HR professional. As early adopters of the automated benefits enrollment process, we brought the digital age to clients through our proprietary SaaS-based benefits technology, today called, HRally™. Like technology, we have evolved, and today we are a privately-owned Benefits Administration, Enrollment, and Employee Engagement Communication company. We are your HR ally. With our commitment to the HR professional and broker/carrier, we provide value through our partnership, intelligence, and accountability.

About Shortlister

The Wellness Research Institute (WRI), now Shortlister, is designed to fundamentally improve the RFP process in the human capital space. With the goal of identifying the vendor that is most compatible with an employer’s budget, demographics and unique program goals, our proprietary matching algorithm has supported searches impacting over 1,000 employers and millions of employees. Shortlister combines the matching algorithm and bid management technology of the WRI with top thought leadership in the human capital space.


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