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The Importance of Digitizing Employee Communications

April 28, 2021 | Winston

Digitizing communications is not necessarily a new concept to the benefits administration industry, but it is one that more companies and human resources teams should consider moving forward. Many in HR recognize the benefits of digitizing communications, but there is still some hesitation when making the switch.

At Winston, we are committed to helping clients streamline the administrative demands of HR. That’s why we wanted to take you through the value of digitizing communications for your business and address any factors you may perceive as drawbacks during this process.

Benefits of Digitizing Communications


If your company has not yet switched to digital communications, you are most likely using printed materials like employee benefits guides and postcards to convey information. While this may be working for you now, the costs can start to add up. On average, benefits guides cost around $25 to print per booklet. Depending on the size of your company, this could be a significant hit on your overall finances. By going digital, you cut costs and can put those finances towards enhancing other areas of your business.


According to Eversign, a digital signature company, American businesses produce over 21 million tons of paper each year, accounting for 40% of all landfill waste. With numbers like these, it’s no surprise that more businesses are working to lessen their carbon footprint by implementing sustainability practices. Digitizing your company’s communications poses less environmental impact, draws in more eco-conscious clients, and creates a greener work environment.


Since most businesses are still virtual and some are even considering making the change permanent, the importance of having a solid digital base has become apparent. When digitizing communications, your HR team will now have access to more data and analytics at once. Allowing for increased productivity and helping make more informed decisions regarding hiring, benefits administration, payroll, and more. A more stable and efficient HR team makes for a better company altogether.

Employer Concerns When Digitizing Communications and Our Solutions

Employee Hesitancy 

It’s safe to say that many employees will have a positive reaction to the digital change. However, there could be members of your team that are hesitant to adopt. In these cases, Winston provides alternatives to websites and emails, giving enough engagement tools so that everyone can digest benefits information in the format that suits them.

Offering text messaging and outbound call campaigns, we provide employees a familiar experience while still maintaining advanced digital tracking for those who prefer print or in-person communication.

Return on Investment 

Employers may be delaying the transition to digital communications because they believe the savings are unsubstantial. They wonder if the return on investment is high enough to see the actual benefits of their employee communication campaigns.

Shifting to digital materials will not require more design and authoring time or have added cost to produce versus printed resources. Therefore, at Winston, we can turn the same printed benefits guide into a digital flipbook. Saving your company on printing and postage costs freeing up resources for new communication opportunities like video.

Lack of Resources

We don’t need to tell you that making sure resources are being accounted for and used appropriately directly correlates with a business’s success. Employers may be under the impression that digitizing communications will drain resources that need to be utilized elsewhere within the company.

At Winston, we aim to ease these worries with our in-house team dedicated to employee communications. We understand that employers do not always have the luxury of being involved in day-to-day communications aspects, especially leading up to open enrollment. Our clients can be confident that we will handle all aspects of the process and allow them an opportunity to review and approve communications before making any final decisions. 

Are you ready to switch to digital communications to improve your employee engagement and ensure your business is shifting into the future of the workforce? Our team at Winston can help guide you through the process and meet your company’s needs. Contact us today!


Disclaimer:  This content is strictly informational and should not be used as specific advice on insurance products, legal, accounting, and/or tax related matters. Insureds should always contact the appropriate licensed professional for their insurance, legal, accounting, or tax needs.