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Top 2021 Human Resources Trends

February 16, 2021 | Winston

Last year the primary focus for human resources teams was how to keep their employees connected and engaged. As we shift to a new year, our team shares the top HR trends for 2021 that continue to build on those essential responsibilities to help push the industry forward.

1. Digitizing Benefits Communications

In the past, many HR teams were likely utilizing selected forms of digital correspondence to communicate benefits information to employees, but printed pieces were relied on heavily. In 2020, it became clear that digital tools were critical to remain competitive and survive these challenging times, and we don’t anticipate employers relying on paper in the future. While HR teams may not have had the resources to launch any new digital communications last year, our team can partner with your company to help improve digital benefits education for the future, extending the reach of HR.

2. Improving Open Enrollment

Onsite enrollment and benefits fairs will continue to be on hold, even if employees have returned or will return to the office during 2021’s open enrollment. We saw the shift last year to virtual enrollment and don’t foresee this approach disappearing beyond the pandemic. As a result, this means companies must continue to expand their benefit decision support tools to ensure employees can make the most informed decisions, helping to reduce the benefits-knowledge gap. We can collaborate with your company on a long-term virtual strategy from benefits administration technology to employee engagement and support through our call center services.

3. Leaning on Partners

We know that HR and benefits teams will continue to be spread thin, not just from managing every-day tasks but dealing with the pandemic’s challenges and any other unforeseen circumstances that could arise. Therefore, your company may need the support of a partner to help in situations that are unfamiliar territory, like bouncing back from widespread furloughs to CARES Act assistance and more. Let Winston be your HR ally, helping to give you time back and streamline benefits.

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