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4 Tips for a Stress-Free Open Enrollment

September 16, 2021 | Winston

With open enrollment around the corner, Human Resources (HR) and Benefits teams everywhere are preparing for an open enrollment season like never before. The aftermath of the pandemic has shown new issues in the current workplace environment that need to be addressed in future benefits offerings. So, as you get ready to have your employees enroll, check out this open enrollment checklist to make sure you’re on track.

1. Improvement

Most companies were still navigating remote work during last year’s open enrollment, which showed in their open enrollment results. This year, HR and Benefits teams can improve upon last year’s offerings by reflecting on the knowledge they’ve learned from employee’s needs over the past year. In addition, with many returning to the office this year, there may be other improvements necessary to address the continued changing workforce landscape.

2. Communications

At the risk of sounding repetitive, your teams know how truly important it is to have a communications strategy in place. In the current work environment especially, with so many employees continuing to work remotely either from home or a new location, having a proper strategy can streamline getting benefits information to employees near and far.

3. Preparation

There are various ways to prepare for open enrollment this year, and we know you’re no doubt well into planning. However, some of the main questions from employees you should consider will be COVID-19 related. Ensure you have answers prepared for when employees ask about COVID-19 policies such as coverage changes, leave policies, sick policies, and vaccine policies. Having answers to these questions will make employees feel more secure about their company benefits.

4. Surveys

One final tip will be to include survey questions at the conclusion of the enrollment if you don’t already. This will allow you to build on company culture and help employees feel like their feedback matters. Some examples of questions might be, “What other voluntary benefits might you be interested in? (e.g., Financial Wellness, Wellness Programs)”, or “Do you have any suggestions for back to the office policies?” 

Following these simple steps can help relieve some of the open enrollment stress. However, even with tips like these, open enrollment is challenging for HR and Benefits teams. At Winston, we’re your HR ally that can take on some of your burdens during this time of year, lightening your load, and allowing you to manage open enrollment stress with ease. Contact us today to learn how we can help!


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