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Benefits Technology Proven to Increase Employee Engagement

July 7, 2020 | Winston

Employee engagement is a challenge under normal circumstances; today, it is even more difficult with workforces working remotely. Providing employee support is key to managing workplace stress, and addressing it now is more important than ever. Roughly 1 in 3 employees (50 million U.S. workers) feel tired, stressed or burned out at work, making them less productive, engaged, and loyal.1

HR can lead the way by introducing the right benefits technology to do more than simplify the administrative process; it can keep employees feeling connected and guide them toward better decision support for peace of mind. At Winston, our proprietary SaaS-based technology, HRally™, provides employees real-time control of their own benefits choices and management, training and education, job guidance, and more. As a result, this connectivity allows end-users to feel a higher degree of involvement, empowerment, and, ultimately, engagement.

The HRally™ platform differentiates the experience for the employee, but for you, the HR manager, it provides robust tools relevant to your business, which is coupled with back-end analytics that lighten your workload by navigating employee’s behaviors and addressing their needs. By delivering benefits technology support year-round, you can utilize data to create an engaged culture in line with employees’ wants and needs. Additionally, Winston’s Benefits Service Center is also available for one-on-one calls with licensed and trained communication counselors to obtain personalized advice. We help employees review their situation, guide them toward the appropriate programs, and assist them in making informed insurance choices. 

The result? In 2019 our team completed 781,000 transactions for employees, the large majority taking place during the open enrollment period. As partners, we deliver a benefits technology platform that can help improve employee engagement, drive increased productivity, and give HR teams valuable time back. 

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