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Employee Spotlight – Courtney Gabriel, People Operations Manager, on her plans for Open Enrollment 2023 and Beyond

September 13, 2022 | Winston


Kelly: Courtney, you have been with Winston for a little over a year; what has been your favorite part about working here?

Courtney: My favorite part about working here is the people! We have a great team at Winston. Winston has built a team-oriented culture, which you can see with every interaction. Our departments work together on many projects. We encourage engagement through team activities and employee recognition.

Kelly: Winston’s Open Enrollment is coming up soon. How do you, as an HR leader, plan for that time of year?

Courtney: Open Enrollment is a high-energy time here at Winston. Not only are we supporting our clients during their open enrollment periods, but our own team will be choosing their benefits. I will be partnering with Brown & Brown, our parent company, to roll out our 2023 benefits through online presentations and in-person one-on-one meetings. I am excited to share our enhanced 2023 benefits opportunities with our team.

Kelly: What are some of your strategies for dealing with employee benefits issues?

Courtney: My main focus is to educate each teammate and have them leave with a sense of peace and closure. We are lucky to have the additional support of our Brown & Brown team. Together we can resolve issues that our teammates may encounter by using a collaborative, multi-system approach.

Kelly: What are your goals moving forward in this position?

Courtney: My goal is to continue to support each teammate and listen to their individual and unique circumstance. My goals are to remain employee-focused and company minded. Our team is doing amazing work each day. It’s essential to recognize their hard work and dedication.


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