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Employee Spotlight – Dennis Young, Director of Software Development, on Winston’s Software Improvements and Upgrades

February 17, 2022 | Winston


Katie: I’ve had the pleasure of watching you and your team take our platform to the next level over the last few years. What has been your favorite project or contribution?

Dennis: Bringing HRAlly® to the next level. It has been our greatest responsibility and greatest challenge. Accelerating client onboarding and enabling customer service improvements are our topmost priorities.

Katie: What do you think the most critical improvement to the platform over the last few years has been?

Dennis: Creating the web-based Benefits Administration platform to replace and improve upon [our historical database] has been our most significant improvement.

Katie: What do you want employers and HR/Benefits teams to know about the inner workings and development of HRally®?

Dennis: We are committed to making your job easier. We want to give you your dream Benefits Administration job.

Katie: What project or projects are you most excited about in 2022?

Dennis: 2022 is dedicated to process improvement. The software upgrades we are making and the new software platforms we are implementing, such as ServiceNow, are geared towards codifying, streamlining, and allowing us to manage our processes better while improving our data protection. The many resources opened up to us with our acquisition by Brown & Brown will help this come to fruition.

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