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Employee Spotlight – Talking Expansion & New Tools With Our Training and Development Specialist

September 28, 2021 | Winston


Katie: I’ve been able to witness all of the great improvements you’ve made to the Training and Development Department since you joined. What do you think the most important change you’ve made is?

Jamie: Thank you. I believe the biggest improvement has been the expansion of our Training and Development efforts. We’ve added new tools to create a robust learning experience with additional measurables that provide insight on areas of strength and weakness.

Katie: How has the last year (e.g., COVID) changed how your department operates?

Jamie: Our approach to Training & Development continues to evolve as the workforce changes. Thankfully, COVID had a minimal impact due to our ability to facilitate training in a 100% remote environment and maintain insight on performance and knowledge retention.

Katie: What do you think the most crucial part of training and development is for Open Enrollment each year?

Jamie: I think it’s simple to follow our Training process. Our Training & Development Department works collaboratively with our Call Center, Communications, and Account Services Teams to make sure we are in line to achieve our goal of providing the most positive experience for our customers.

Katie: What do you want employers to know about Winston’s training processes?

Jamie: We continue to build on our current foundation to enhance the knowledge and skills of our Team. Our priority is to help our Team advance professionally, excel in servicing our clients, and continue to grow as a company.


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