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Employee Spotlight – Tanya Gappy, Vice President of Employer Solutions, Western Region, on building long-term relationships to help advance sales growth

July 21, 2022 | Winston


Kelly: Tanya, you’re one of the longest-tenured people on the sales team; what do you love most about working at Winston?

Tanya: I love working with my internal team as they help me to be successful. I honestly couldn’t do it without them.

Kelly: What do you think is unique about your sales style that makes you so successful?

Tanya: I focus on building long-term partnerships with my brokers and clients. These relationships are so meaningful and only add to my success in this position. The workforce is always changing, and sometimes HR managers or brokers leave their companies or get acquired, but they will continue to bring me into their new companies and roles.

Kelly: What part of the sales process do you enjoy most?

Tanya: I’m not sure there is any one part of the sales process that stands out to me as I enjoy it all. I think the most rewarding wins are the ones hardest fought (not that I want to fight for all of them, lol), but it is always nice when you see your hard work pay off.

Kelly: What are you most excited about in your role in the upcoming years?

Tanya: I’m looking forward to continuing to educate prospective clients on the services and solutions we offer here at Winston.


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