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Encouraging Heart Healthy Choices in the Workplace

February 23, 2022 | Winston

February is American Heart Month, dedicated to helping Americans achieve and maintain proper cardiovascular health. While most personal health improvements are up to the individual, employers can implement benefits and perks into their current offerings to help keep their employees healthy year-round. 

At Winston, we are always up-to-date with the latest and greatest benefit trends to help our clients stay current with the business climate. So, today we’re giving you a list of the top ways companies can encourage heart health in the workplace.

1. Exercise

Exercise and movement are vital components in preventing cardiovascular disease, and the Mayo Clinic recommends thirty minutes of moderate exercise per day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Employers can offer gym memberships, digital fitness programs, wellness/workout apps, and encourage fifteen-minute movement breaks to stretch, walk, and get moving.

2. Stress Management

Exercise and stress management go hand in hand. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), 14% of people utilize exercise to cope with stress. However, not all employees can exercise physically, have the time to, or need more stress-reducing tactics to manage their stress levels effectively. Therefore, offering employees access to mental health benefits can help them manage their stress.

3. Telehealth and Wearables

Since the pandemic, telehealth benefits have become increasingly popular for allowing employees convenient health care in a safe environment. In a short two years, telehealth has transformed and become even more accessible by launching digital apps in nearly every medical area. One of our favorite cardiovascular and all-around health apps at Winston is Hello Heart.

Hello Heart is a ​​company that educates patients on their conditions by making it simple to track, understand, and improve their chronic conditions using their smartphones. Hello Heart is the only digital therapeutics company to focus exclusively on heart health. Their smartphone app and Bluetooth monitor use AI, behavioral science, and personalized digital coaching to drive lifestyle changes that help reduce blood pressure. The app can even detect serious heart issues, like irregular heartbeats before they lead to catastrophic cardiac events.

Employee health is at the forefront of the Human Resources (HR) conversation as we move further into 2022. As a result, more companies are vowing to protect and retain their employees by investing in benefits to help achieve their health goals. Our team at Winston can work with your HR department to develop a benefits administration package that prioritizes employee health. Visit our website to learn more about our services!

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