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Finding the Right Benefits Administration Technology Partner

March 24, 2021 | Winston

At Winston, we know there are several benefits administration technology partners out there, and they all make similar promises. However, the benefits administration platform you select may not deliver what your company requires, and you wouldn’t find out until it’s too late.

So how can you avoid this added stress and choose the provider that best fits your HR needs? Our team compiled a list of the top attributes to look for when making this critical decision.

1. Handling Your Company Needs

Part of the draw with several platforms is their overall look and aesthetics, but if it can’t run the billing reports you need, all of those visual features won’t help get your job done. Before choosing a platform based on its look, make sure it can handle the workflow and your main company functions.

2. Integrating Into Your Environment

Ask yourself, “Can this platform seamlessly integrate into our current company environment?” Meaning will it work with your payroll system, carriers, and any other vendors you’ll need to accept or feed information to. If not, consider a new platform partner you can integrate with, or you’ll have to update your internal systems to match.

3. Evolving With Your Company

While the platform vendor you choose does not need to be a “one-stop-shop,” it is beneficial  when they can provide other services like employee communications and enrollment management to fill in the gaps for HR. Integrating your essential service needs into one vendor will free up time and streamline administrative tasks. For example, here at Winston, we provide technology, benefits communications strategies, and a year-round call center that can tie right into your company goals and objectives for the platform.

4. Providing Backend Support

Technology is essential, but we know your HR teams may not have the time to update configurations and content regularly, nor should you have to. Therefore, make sure the platform vendor you choose offers ongoing backend support for your company’s functions, so you and your benefits teams can focus on employees’ needs.

5. Handling Voluntary Benefits

Due to the pandemic, we know that voluntary benefits have become increasingly more important to employees. With that in mind, ensure that your platform can handle benefits outside of the core and ancillary plans. While your company may not offer voluntary benefits, keep in mind that you may need a platform to incorporate them if they become a part of your future employee benefits strategy.

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