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Employee Spotlight – Abdias Denis, Senior Benefits Specialist, on the important work the Winston call center provides.

June 29, 2022 | Winston


Kelly: You started with Winston a couple of years ago as a Benefits Specialist and were promoted to a Senior Benefits Specialist at the beginning of the year, which is great! What are your goals moving forward in this position and with Winston?

Abdias: As a Senior Benefits Specialist, my goal is to ensure that we are always providing a top-tier customer service experience to our client’s employees/team members. I plan to continue to learn and observe best practices from key members of the management team and incorporate them into leading my team, leveraging the knowledge that they share with me. I want to continue to grow and become an influential leader.

Kelly: How has your role as a Benefits Specialist prepared you for this promotion to help coach and motivate other employees?

Abdias: As a Benefits Specialist, I had the opportunity to experience thousands of hands-on and day-to-day interactions with our client’s employees. No two calls are alike, and not all callers are having a good day. As soon as we answer the phone, we become the path toward the solution. Being a Benefits Specialist has prepared me to manage complicated situations, support ad hoc challenges on the fly, successfully deescalate difficult calls/callers and encourage and coach our agents as they handle any questions that come their way.

Kelly: What is something you think employers should know about our call center services?

Abdias: Our call center agents and the service we provide always strive to go the extra mile for employees. We are an extension of HR, and we do our best to ensure that employees/team members feel that when calling for assistance. Therefore, we make it a point to do everything we can so employees/team members are satisfied with the result of any interaction with a call center agent.

Kelly: What is your favorite thing about working with Winston?

Abdias: Some of my favorite things about working with Winston are observing the different management styles of the management team in the call center and seeing what feels and works best with my team and our overall growth. Seeing and seizing the opportunity for growth and development. Being recognized for the effort our team puts in is important and is recognized and appreciated daily by the management team.


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