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Employee Spotlight – Samantha Shaljian, Training Coordinator, on her 1st anniversary and Winston’s training program and team.

May 23, 2022 | Winston


Kelly: As you are coming up on your one-year work anniversary, what has been your favorite thing about working at Winston so far?

Samantha: My favorite thing about working at Winston has by far been the people and the atmosphere. Everyone is kind, helpful, and has a team mentality. It’s so refreshing to be a part of a company culture where everyone is working together towards the same goal!

Kelly: How did Winston’s training help you become more successful in your role?

Samantha: Winston’s training is truly one of a kind. From day one you’re provided targeted training, specific to your role. There’s ongoing coaching, and always a helping hand to put you on the right path. One of my favorite training tools is Lessonly! Lessonly houses a library of all learning content you’ve completed, so you always have it as a reference.

Kelly: What do you think sets our Training and Development team apart from other companies?

Samantha: Our Training and Development team is comprised of rockstar team members who truly find joy in teaching. Our team is dedicated to the success of our team members, ensuring that we reach each learner in the format that works best for them. We deliver a comprehensive training program that involves several modalities of learning. Best of all – we like to have fun!

Kelly: What are you looking forward to in your second year with Winston?

Samantha: I’m looking forward to creating innovative training content, refining my skills, and expanding my knowledge base!


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