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How to Build a Workplace Culture That Stimulates Employee Health

May 29, 2020 | Winston

As an HR professional, you recognize the power of employee health and that promoting wellness in the workplace is a critical component within a company’s success model. With wellness being more than just physical fitness, and employees blurring the lines between work and home life by putting in more hours, they are looking to employers for benefits that promote a healthy lifestyle. 

But broadly, wellness programs did not show any changing trends in the past year. Only 58% of organizations reported offering general wellness programs in 2019.1 Therefore, in these uncertain times, there is an opportunity for companies to drive greater adoption of employee health and wellness programs beyond the traditional options. Since many healthcare providers are now beginning to cover them, it allows HR to develop a strategy that includes additional offerings that are customized to the company, while ensuring that health and wellness are woven into the culture.

Top ways to drive employee health and adopt healthier workplace behaviors:

  • Evaluate what health and wellness mean to your company and look to include this in your company’s core values.
  • Ensure your leadership’s commitment and support for greater employee engagement.
  • Survey the company to assess wellness needs and interests.
  • Establish an employee-led committee/taskforce.
  • Add low-cost and turnkey program options such as in-house wellness classes and spaces.
  • Create incentives or rewards as a motivator for greater participation.
  • Continue to communicate all wellness offerings throughout the year. 

By assessing your company’s current wellness program and adjusting where it is appropriate to meet employees’ needs, you can improve morale, loyalty, and productivity. In a survey conducted by Aetna, 70% of employers believe they provide good access to health and wellness benefits and support, but only 23% of employees agree.2 Your broker can help to ensure that current wellness offerings are valuable to your organization. Along with your broker or consultant, Winston can build a strategic communication campaign to promote employee health in the workplace.

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