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How Winston Helps Support HR Teams and Prevent HR Burnout

June 22, 2022 | Winston

The Great Resignation has ignited a flame in employees to leave unhappy positions and seek out companies that value their contributions. In return, HR professionals have become hyper-vigilant in recognizing employee dissatisfaction and implementing new plans to fill positions and retain top talent. However, the significant changes over the past two years have left HR professionals with heavy workloads keeping them from connecting with employees.

According to an article published by SHRM, burnout and exhaustion in HR are rising, with 42% of teams struggling to perform under the burdens of too many projects and responsibilities. At Winston, our benefits solutions have helped ease our clients’ benefits-related demands so they can focus on the health and well-being of their employees.

Keep reading to learn about a couple of client examples where companies came to Winston looking to provide support to their benefits teams and prevent HR burnout.

Benefits Transitions

Mergers and changes in company structures always put a strain on HR departments. Determining when and how to make transitions regarding benefits and dealing with unexpected issues along the way can make an already busy time more hectic.

Winston Technology & Communication Solutions

One of our clients in the technology industry recently acquired a large firm, and the HR and Benefits team struggled to find the best way to transition the new employees onto their current benefits plan. We eased their transition concerns by implementing a two-stage approach:

      1. Firstly, after the client and broker decided to keep the acquisitions’ benefits in place for a time, we built and enrolled them on HRally®, our proprietary SaaS-based technology platform which provides interactive decision support.
      2. Secondly, we built the consolidated plans and updated eligibility rules on the platform. In addition, we communicated these transitions through our Benefits Service Call Center and emails to ensure employees understood their updated offerings and the organizational changes. Providing clear communications helped minimize questions the HR and Benefits team received.

Hiring Increases

Following the pandemic, hiring has increased significantly for many companies nationwide, adding burdens on HR and their ability to hire quickly and confidently. If the HR department is consumed with enrolling new employees in payroll and benefits, this slows the hiring process.

Winston Technology Solutions

Currently, we are working with a manufacturing client experiencing a surge of new hires.  To keep up with the additional staff, we are updating our HRally® platform to help improve the frequency in which payroll is received, making the enrollment transactions more readily available to new employees and those experiencing changes in their roles.

Employee Engagement Support

Open Enrollment is one of the most demanding times of the year for HR. During this time, it’s not uncommon for teams to work long hours to keep up with the requirements of their workload, a recipe for burnout.

Winston Enrollment & Communication Solutions 

Recently, we worked with a client in the casino and gaming industry that had already implemented a benefits administration process; however, they still wanted ongoing support with enrollment and communication. Therefore, we launched our Benefits Service Center, on-site counselors, and communications services with their third-party administration system to help not only during Open Enrollment but year-round.

While taking precautions against employee burnout is essential for HR, implementing the right benefits solutions can help ensure that HR and Benefits teams are set up for success year-round and don’t burn themselves out.

Contact our team at Winston to learn more about our suite of services and how we can partner to be your HR ally.


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