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Open Enrollment Communications – Keys to Planning a Successful Campaign

July 27, 2022 | Winston

At Winston, our communications campaigns aim to create strategies that reach our clients’ targets (i.e., employees, team members, associates, etc.) at a frequency that maximizes enrollment and provides optimum information for making informed decisions. In addition, our team collaborates to create customized, strategic communications campaigns that help employees improve their understanding of company benefit offerings. According to MetLife Benefit Trend Study, 99% of employees are more likely to feel valued or appreciated when their employer’s benefit communications are easy to understand.* In this post, you will see Winston’s helpful tips for creating and implementing a successful communication campaign.

5 Successful Steps

1. Develop a Communications Strategy

We begin each campaign meeting with our clients and discussing their goals and what they would like to communicate. Our team uses a “Communications Open Enrollment Punch List” as an intake form to gather important information for our campaign. Utilizing what we learned in our Communications Kickoff meeting, we develop a communication strategy that reaches our target through several media, print & digital, at an effective frequency over the specific enrollment period. (Example below)


2. Create a Timeline

We create an eight to ten week communication strategy for Open Enrollment, which we continue year-round for maximum engagement. (Example below)

3. Delivery Method

We try to reach our clients in various ways since their employees are not always sitting at a desk or working nine to five shifts. We provide enrollment, ongoing, and New Hire communications. We utilize a variety of print & digital mediums to achieve our communications goals:

      • Direct Mail
      • Online Posters
      • Benefits Guide Book
      • Email/Text/Autodialer Communications
      • TV Screens
      • Videos
      • Custom Communications

4. Content

At Winston, we customize the content of each campaign to match the client’s needs. It is important that employees are educated on all benefit options available to them, in addition to Open Enrollment dates and timelines. The content of each communication piece should:

      • Help employees understand their options
      • Guide them to choosing the right plan that fits their needs
      • Make them want to enroll in their benefits

Language should be clear and direct. At Winston, we also like to utilize images and create infographics that will resonate with employees. This can help them get a better understanding of the advantages of their benefits.

5. Track Success

It is important to establish measurable goals for an Open Enrollment campaign. We like to track our overall participation while also setting benchmarks for specific components of our initiative. We also utilize surveys to get feedback on how well the campaign went and how satisfied employees were with their Open Enrollment experience to better plan for future campaigns.

Benefits communications are an integral component of Open Enrollment planning and implementation. Effective communication can increase benefits participation and ensure that employees make informed decisions about their benefits. Winston is here to help with all of your benefits communications needs! Contact our team to learn more about our suite of services and how we can partner to be your HR ally.


*MetLife Employee Benefit Trend Study 2021

Disclaimer:  This content is strictly informational and should not be used as specific advice on insurance products, legal, accounting, and/or tax related matters. Insureds should always contact the appropriate licensed professional for their insurance, legal, accounting, or tax needs.

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