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Benefits Communications Tools for Open Enrollment

August 31, 2023 | Winston

With open enrollment fast approaching, many HR and benefits professionals are preparing to navigate the everyday challenges of this time. One of the most prominent issues professionals face year after year is the dilemma of benefits communications and how to most effectively let employees know their options and how to access them.

At Winston, we know the importance of benefits communications and their role in educating, informing, and aiding employees in making the right benefits decisions. Keep reading for some of the most effective benefits communications tools you can utilize during open enrollment!

Print Tools

While it may be considered “old school” by some, many employees prefer straightforward, delivered print materials to convey their benefits offerings, such as flyers, brochures, guides, wallet cards, mailbox inserts, etc. These tools appeal to a larger audience as they are accessible to all as long as there is an easy way for employees to obtain them. Print materials don’t have to be boring either; adding exciting branding or functional design aspects, such as infographics, can be an effective and engaging way to communicate with employees while ensuring the medium is easy for them to understand.

Digital Tools

Digital tools is a broad category and is constantly evolving and expanding. Email, text, document libraries, TV screens, and many others fall under this category and have proven effective at reaching employees wherever they are. Over the years, we’ve noticed an increase in the popularity of mediums such as TV screens and opt-in text messaging because they remind employees of their offerings in light touchpoints that are precise and informative. For example, check out this TV screen communications project we did for a client’s previous open enrollment period.

Support Tools

While utilizing one or more of the mediums mentioned above is a strong start, the fact is some employees will need more hands-on support, and often, this is an area that HR and benefits teams may not be able to give during this already busy time. Support tools such as easy-access benefits and decision support through digital platforms, in-person meetings, or call centers can help bridge the communication gap and provide employees with immediate assistance. Benefits administration platforms, such as our proprietary HRally® platform, can be accessed by employees at any time and provide accurate and educated benefits decision support, making the enrollment process seamless for both employees and HR and benefits professionals.

Now that you have the tools, it’s time to put them to work! Open enrollment can be stressful; that’s why investing in the right benefits communications can be the difference between managing the period or struggling. Not sure where to start? Learn more about our benefits communications services at Winston!

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