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Employee Spotlight – Talking HRally® Evolution with Lead Implementation Analyst, Brianna Coulson

January 31, 2022 | Winston


Katie: It has been awesome to watch our platform evolve, and I know you’ve had a big part in improving the functionality. What do you think is the most important improvement we’ve made to HRally® in your time here?

Brianna: The employee enrollment experience has been one of the most important improvements Winston makes to HRally®. We have continually enhanced our platform to make information easy to read and comprehend when making their benefit elections or when trying to locate any plan information after their enrollment.

Katie: What features do you think help employers the most?

Brianna: Reporting and Data Analytics give an employer a great overview of the wants and needs of their employees. It can help identify communication, benefit, and enrollment gaps.

Katie: What is your favorite new feature we launched in 2021?

Brianna: One of my favorite employees facing enhancements is the dependent verification upgrade. An employee is automatically prompted to submit dependent verification (if applicable) after completing an enrollment. The upgrade makes it clearer for an employee to see documentation is required based on each dependent type selected. It breaks down the upload process, per dependent, so the employee can clearly see what items and for who is missing. This feature also clearly notifies the employee how many days they must submit documentation and notifies them once the process is complete.

Katie: What trends do you see in the industry for 2022?

Brianna: Robust benefit offerings for employees to tailor to their family needs have become a huge trend. A one-size-fits-all benefit program has become a thing of the past. Employees are looking for benefits that could enhance existing benefits or benefits that fit their lifestyle.

This would be including mental health, financial, or student loan assistance. Rather than providing a standard contribution to medical, employers are slowly also offering credits to voluntary plans to help round out an employee’s “personalized” benefit program. This is really where some data analytics from surveys or enrollment statistics can really come into play to assist employers.

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