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Problem-solving, Colleague Relationships, Recognizing Team Success, and Collaboration Have Kept Administrative Manager Steven Eichholtz at Winston for 13+ Years.

April 25, 2024 | Winston


Kelly: You have been with Winston for over 13 years! What is your favorite thing about working at Winston?

Steven: I love the problem-solving aspect of the job. Every day, there’s a different puzzle to solve, and that keeps things interesting. Above all else, the relationships have kept me here for so long. In 13 years, people have come and gone, but from the CEO to the entry-level positions, there have been so many great people with unique personalities and life experiences. You are never a stranger here. Someone will take you in.

Kelly: You have held a few positions here at Winston. What have you learned over the years that helped you progress into your current role?

Steven: To put it simply, I remember that I was there once. I’ve experienced the struggles and successes that many others have had throughout my time here. I know how it feels to be challenged and how far recognition goes. When it comes to completing tasks, the positions that I’ve held have taught me that there are several different ways to approach a solution.

Kelly: What skills do you think are most important in managing a team?

Steven: I’d say adaptability and empathy. We’re all working for the same company doing many of the same tasks, just from different angles. But it’s important to recognize that we’re all individuals who have our strengths, weaknesses, and outside noise. Recognizing someone as more than an employee, respecting that, and helping them to be the best version of themselves is important. Being in the weeds with them rather than simply delegating the work shows you genuinely care about the team’s success.

Kelly: You are the lead organizer for some of our favorite Winston activities! Between our corn-hole tournaments or summer volleyball league, what is your favorite recreational activity with our Winston teammates?

Steven: I have to go with Volleyball. It’s nice to get the competitive juices flowing with co-workers and get together outside the office. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a beach setting.

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