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The Value of Internal Mobility in the Benefits Industry with Senior Manager of Account and Enrollment Services, Chloe Albert

April 27, 2023 | Winston


Kelly: Chloe, congratulations on your promotion to a Senior Manager of Account and Enrollment Services! What are you looking forward to most in this new role?

Chloe: I am most looking forward to learning new skills on effectively managing my team and hearing their feedback on how we can better their day-to-day at Winston. In addition, third-party clients at Winston are on the rise, so I want to make sure that the team has everything they need to handle their workload and feel supported and appreciated.

Kelly: You have held several different positions during your 3 years at Winston. What have you learned in your previous roles that will help you in this new position?

Chloe: What haven’t I learned in my previous roles that help me in my current position?! I started here as a seasonal call center enroller in 2018 during Q4, when I was first introduced to Winston and the benefits world. Something about it interested me, so I returned to work full-time in 2019; shortly after that getting my insurance license. Starting in the call center as an enroller allowed me to learn about the knowledge needed to support employee-level questions and understand what information is important to translate to them about their benefits packages. I was also able to learn what material was necessary as an enroller to assist effectively and for the employee when learning new benefits administration systems. Being promoted to the training and development team then furthered my understanding and knowledge of third-party cases and systems, directly benefiting me in my new role as senior manager of account enrollment services. I learned what the best way to train on enrollment platforms was and what the call center needs to be successful; therefore, in my account manager role on the account services team, I recognized which questions to ask the clients to ensure satisfaction not only with the client but also a clear understanding for the team on the account. Each role I have had at Winston has been vital to my success and current position today. If it wasn’t for starting in the call center and learning everything I know from there, I am not sure I would be where I am today! It is important to understand all the different roles in the company so there are no gaps.

Kelly: What do you enjoy most about working at Winston?

Chloe: Winston is constantly growing and expanding. I love working somewhere, knowing that your hard work and dedication will always go noticed and the potential for growth and new challenges within the company is always possible as long as you put in the effort. Of course, bagels and Joe Leone’s in the office is also a major plus!

Kelly: What are some of your professional goals moving forward?

Chloe: Great question! I am currently just throwing myself into my new role and learning how to efficiently manage a team and multiple accounts with numerous different Benefit Administration platforms. My goal will ultimately be to ensure everyone I work with is motivated and happy with what they are doing here at Winston, and feels comfortable enough to reach out for help when needed. I do love learning how to navigate all the benefit administration systems available on the market, so when I hear of a new client coming and it’s not one I’ve used yet, I get excited!


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