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Tips for Employee Engagement and Managing Stress During Open Enrollment with Jenna Mazza, HR Operations Specialist

September 28, 2023 | Winston


Kelly: What is your favorite thing about working at Winston?

Jenna: Development opportunities are what distinguishes Winston as a great place to work! All teammates are encouraged to grow toward whatever they are passionate about. This creates a lot of cross-department dialog and teammates working with one another to learn different parts of the business. It also creates a lot of opportunities for upward movement within the company. On a corporate level, we have many programs for continuous education and learning of new skills. What has been most valuable to me has been gaining many mentors who have helped me grow and succeed.

Kelly: How do you keep employees engaged around the office?

Jenna: It’s important to keep employees engaged not only in the office but remotely as well! One of the best ways I’ve found to keep all teammates engaged is by listening. Teammates need to have a safe place to speak their minds and discuss improvement opportunities. Trust in Winston HR and Team Leaders that we will listen to teammates but act on what they have to say. This is how we will continue to keep employees engaged.

Kelly: What are some tips you have for managing stress in Q4?

Jenna: Q4 is our busiest time of the year, and many teammates get stressed with the quick action needed for a great open enrollment season. Team Leaders mitigate the stress of Q4 by setting clear expectations and keeping an open dialogue between departments as we all work together to provide our clients with the best service. We also have special rewards and recognitions to keep morale high! Teammates can implement new morning and end-of-day routines to keep on top of tasks and to fully disconnect from work at the end of the day. My number one tip for teammates is to take advantage of our partnership with Lyra, where experts are available to help resolve emergencies and guide us through challenges. Providing teammates with the resources they need to navigate stressful situations is the company’s top priority.

Kelly: What has been your favorite Winston event so far?

Jenna: So far, my favorite event was when the Jersey Shore Animal Shelter came to the office with Hero (the 7-year-old shelter dog)! Our Winston team showed a passion for helping displaced animals in our neighborhood and was able to raise money to support the efforts of the shelter. Hero even ended up getting adopted by one of our teammates.

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