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Winston Wellness Tips For Open Enrollment

September 22, 2022 | Winston

Open enrollment is stressful for many human resources (HR) and benefits professionals. According to SHRM, HR stress levels are rising, with 42% of teams struggling to perform under the burden of too many projects and responsibilities. And the business of open enrollment will only heighten the need for HR stress relief and self-care, so we’re sharing our top wellness tips to practice during the strain of your busy season.

1. Breathe

We all know breathing is important, but according to a blog written by a University of Washington Medical School publication, when a person is stressed, their breathing tends to be irregular and shallow. Therefore, slow, deep breathing from your stomach, even if only for a few minutes, can help signal your nervous system to calm down and can be beneficial in relieving tension.

2. Eat Well

Our moods and foods are closely linked, and cortisol is the hormone in the body related to stress. You can help decrease your body’s levels with anti-inflammatory foods, including whole foods rich in vitamin B, omega-3 fatty acids, and magnesium-rich and protein-rich foods. By eating healthy, you’ll gain more energy, be more productive, and improve your physical and mental health.

3. Ask for Help

Teamwork is important, and it’s okay to rely on each other. Therefore, by using your group’s expertise and delegating, you can help prevent burnout and maintain a clear line of communication. In addition, our expert team at Winston can help alleviate your department’s burden through our Benefits Service Center. Our call center can field employee benefits questions so you can focus on more pressing items. We can also help with benefits communications, enrollment administration, and more, granting your team more flexibility.

4. Take a 10-Minute Walk

The Mayo Clinic recommends thirty minutes a day of exercise. However, as an HR professional, we know this is easier said than done during open enrollment. Yet, it’s still crucial to move your body to release endorphins and manage overall tension. That’s why our last tip is to take a few breaks throughout the day for ten-minute walks, so you can take this time for yourself and clear your head.

No matter what your team is up against this open enrollment period, our Winston team is here to lend a hand wherever we can and help our clients navigate this busy time. Interested in learning more about how we can support your HR department? Check out our services!


Disclaimer: This content is strictly informational and should not be used as specific advice on insurance products, legal, accounting, and/or tax related matters. Insureds should always contact the appropriate licensed professional for their insurance, legal, accounting, or tax needs.

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