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Benefits Storytelling & Creative Tips with Our Experienced Content Writer, John Luciano

November 2, 2023 | Winston


Kelly: What is your favorite thing about working at Winston?

John: Without a doubt, it’s the people. We have an amazing crew, not just our Communications Team but throughout the company. It’s always a pleasure collaborating with them, working with my team, and socializing. As I work remotely, I don’t often go into the office, but when I do, it’s a joy to see everyone.

Kelly: You always do a great job at tailoring content for each client. What are some tips you have for staying creative and keeping things fresh?

John: If we use a piece for one client, it’s often okay to use the same one for other clients as it is always fresh to them, but it helps to remember that our audiences are diverse, and there are things a content writer can do, though, to keep things fresh. First, always take the time to look at the assignment from a fresh perspective. Delve into what is different about each client. How do they reference their employees? Is their tone serious, or do they like to have fun? What are they proud of? What is the demographic makeup of their employees? What are their goals? Once you take these into consideration, you can make each piece a little different, a lot more successful, and more fun to write! Within the parameters of the medium, be as direct and on message as you can, but do it in a creative way. And just remember, no matter how brilliantly you write or create something, if it doesn’t work, it’s NOT good.

Kelly: What do you enjoy most about writing?

John: I love telling a story. Whether it’s the hidden value of disability coverage or why life insurance is essential, there is always more to the story than cold, hard facts. I’ve always thought of marketing writing as taking content and delivering it to a specific audience in the most enjoyable way while still making it successful for your client and achieving their goals. There’s a real sense of accomplishment when you write something creative that is received well, but you also hear that 50% more people signed up over last year. I also really like editing both my own copy and other people’s. That’s where the craftsmanship takes your creativity and spins it into gold!

Kelly: Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

John: I have one hobby that gives me immense pleasure: I am a lifetime Comic Book collector and reader. I have been since I was a young child. The first issue that I ever collected was The Amazing Spiderman #4 from 1964, and I have amassed a 50,000+ book collection over the years. I still buy 20-25 titles a week. My wife, bless her heart, allows me this one addiction. I have a very valuable collection with many key issues, from the introduction of characters like Wolverine and The Punisher to the Death of Superman series and Frank Miller’s game-changing “The Dark Knight Returns.” Maybe I can sell the collection one day to finance our Golden Years!

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