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Employee Spotlight – Helene Albertson, Graphics Designer, on her favored outreach projects and how they educate employees to make informed benefits decisions.

October 25, 2022 | Winston


Kelly: Helene, you have been a graphic designer with Winston for almost two years now. What are your favorite types of projects to work on; videos, web design, brochures, etc.?

Helene: My favorite types of projects are videos and web pages. Starting at Winston towards the end of 2020, it showed the need to adopt a digital outreach strategy that would allow our content to be accessible across multiple platforms and complement the print materials that we circulate.

Kelly: What do you enjoy most about graphic designing?

Helene: I like how designing applies to multiple areas of a marketing strategy, from starting with a concept to seeing it evolve in production and then the results on how the audience responds to it.

Kelly: What has been your favorite part about working at Winston so far?

Helene: Firstly, having a company culture with events throughout the year encourages employees to know the rest of the team outside of your department is great. Secondly, is having a team to collaborate ideas with and being given different opportunities to grow and learn. Finally, being able to create materials for both our union members and our other customers; it’s interesting to see these resources not only promoting a brand but being utilized to help and educate people to make informed decisions on their benefits.

Kelly: What are your goals moving forward with Winston?

Helene: My goals are to continue to create new content that will stay up-to-date with current marketing and design trends.


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