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Media Designer Jennifer McCue Inspires and Creates During Her First Year With Winston

June 12, 2024 | Winston


Kelly: We are coming up on your one year work anniversary with Winston. What has been your favorite thing about working here?

Jennifer: My favorite thing about working at Winston is the day-to-day interactions I have had with my teammates. I’m grateful to be part of such a supportive and collaborative group. Winston strives for our clients to succeed, but they also root for my own and everyone’s personal success as well.

Kelly: What are some of your favorite projects that you’ve worked on over the past year?

Jennifer: There are two that come to mind. The first one is a video series we have been working on that informs clients on what benefits are offered to them and educates them on why these benefits are important to consider through illustrated and animated scenarios. I got to animate all the artwork and create some of the characters that we hope to use in other projects one day.

The second project is my first fully designed benefits suite for a new client—a benefits guide, postcard, and email headers. It has been a really great experience to start from scratch, research the clients’ values and branding, and build a personal relationship with the client. It has confirmed to me that I am doing what I love to do for my career.

Kelly: You are such a creative person, where do you pull inspiration from when executing a project?

Jennifer: I get the best inspiration for projects from the wonderful designers I work with and from other designers in the field. I make inspiration boards for almost every project I work on, and when I am in a creative block, my team is always there to help me with ideas.

Kelly: You just graduated with your Masters which is amazing! What advice would you give to people planning to work full-time while also continuing their education?

Jennifer: The most significant piece of advice often overlooked is to set aside time to take care of yourself, whether it is extra sleep occasionally, treating yourself to a nice lunch, or going on a walk with your coworkers. When doing both work and school full-time, it can be easy to jump from one thing to the next thing and not leave time for yourself to breathe. But that will lead to burnout much quicker. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your friends, coworkers, and family; they know that working and school full-time isn’t easy, and they want to help in any way they can!

Kelly: What are you looking forward to most in this upcoming year with Winston?

Jennifer: I’m excited to create more communications projects for all our clients and build more relationships in and outside Winston. I am also looking forward to playing volleyball this summer with some of my Winston teammates for the first time!

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