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Winston’s HRally™ Upgrades its Benefits Technology Experience

August 20, 2020 | Winston

As we continue to navigate this pandemic, our team focuses on delivering HR solutions that drive timely results for your business. Beyond our expanded Benefits Service Center offerings, we are providing additional benefits technology concessions to strengthen our partnerships during this time. We have seen throughout the industry that COVID-19 is pushing employers to focus on how technology can interact with and help employees navigate the complexities of electing their benefit plans. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) President Johnny C. Taylor, HR must embrace workplace technology and innovate through the pandemic crisis that has gripped the world.1 Therefore, at Winston, we have updated areas within our proprietary SaaS-based technology, HRally™, to help your HR teams foster better workplaces.

Our team understands that with a majority of your employees working from home, there is a greater need to provide benefit technology solutions that improve your business outcomes while securing sensitive data. With increased concerns around cybersecurity, ease of billing, verifications, and enrollment, we have upgraded the HRally™ experience by increasing security and making data more accessible without the need to interact with employees.

  • Authentication – we implemented enhanced dual-factor enrollment requirements to help ensure employee data security while working remotely.
  • Enrollment Management & Dependent Verification Processes – we created a centralized location for administrators where all documents that are submitted digitally (fax and email) can be reviewed and added to better track employee documentation.
    • Enrollment Management – HR managers are able to see all verification transactions associated with an employee’s records.
    • Dependent Verification – HR managers are able to see all verification documents tied to the employee’s dependents.
  • Documents Handling ­– we developed a designated section during enrollment where employees can view past confirmation statements as well as dependent paperwork. In addition, administrators can add employee records for file management efficiency.
  • Participant Management – we allow employees to edit additional personal, dependent information on their own for a more convenient enrollment experience.

Our team is also working on further enhancements which will be coming later in 2020 for Open Enrollment, such as a Mobile Application and Retirement Contribution Collection. Stay tuned for more details.

At Winston, we perpetually modernize HRally™ to deliver valuable services to our brokers, consultants, and clients. These key system changes allow employees to enroll and learn about their benefits securely anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Contact us today to schedule a consultation on our platform demo to understand our full capabilities.

1Article: SHRM CEO Challenges HR to Innovate Through COVID-19


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